Pictures and words.

It is safe to say that people are more attracted to look at pictures than words. A picture can save 1,000 words as mentioned in a Chinese proverb.

One large picture in an article has more impact than several smaller ones . Pictures of faces are easily noticeable in an article. Men look at men , women at women.The best pictures are closeups with no background.


Skills and value.

Having a laptop and internet connection is not good enough to earn money. Mastering a skill and using it to solve problems faced by many people will guarantee an income.

The amount of income will depend on how much value are you bringing to the table.

Learning a particular skill is now made easy with the availability of internet connection.


Opinion ideas.

Looking for ideas and opinions on this question that i found on quora.

How do I make some money online if I only have a laptop, internet connection and an amount of money to survive for 3 months, and NO skill at all?